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Short kimono

Short kimono

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My desire is to enhance women so that they feel feminine and special. I think you deserve the best: the beautiful, the authentic to reveal your inner potential.

Feeling beautiful and comfortable in a piece of clothing can definitely help you cope with the events in your life.

What's better than a silk kimono for this?! I thought of this exceptional piece, inspired by the traditional Japanese wardrobe to wrap you in softness. Comforting, sensuality, aesthetic are the words that come to mind when putting on one of our kimonos.

I am passionate about fashion, high quality fabrics and small scale manufacturing. When you purchase one of my unique pieces, you are receiving a hand-designed item that has been carefully thought out from start to finish. I believe in doing things slowly, with passion, using only noble materials. I believe my pieces can last a lifetime. 

It is with this in mind that I design our collections. I am committed to offering you a piece that you will be proud to own thanks to the way and the state of consciousness with which it was created.

This kimono is a unique, luxury piece designed to respect the environment.

This sophisticated piece is built to last and if you take care of it, you can keep it for a lifetime. His style will endure through the ages without going out of fashion!

You can wear it with jeans during the day or over a dress in the evening! it will also be perfect with underwear for lounging around at home!

It is entirely handmade in magnificent 100% silk satin. The natural dyeing process requires several careful and complex steps.

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