Sandrina Rocha is an artisan, specialized in natural dyeing, who lives and works in Lyon.

Artist and craftswoman at the same time, she explores not only materials but above all ancestral know-how which allows her to anchor her own desires between tradition and innovation.

His deep desire is to create a link with nature, reconnect with its seasons, its plants and their dyeing properties.

Each piece of fabric is carefully transformed using ancient and various natural dyeing processes giving it a unique and singular appearance, because the colors are alive and change with the light.

Waiting and patience accompany creation, which like a landscape is revealed from piece to piece. Who, the creator or the creation, leads the other? Chance gives pride of place to surprise. From surprise to curiosity there is only one step... Curiosity and passion contribute to Sandrina Rocha's signature.


“Create using the natural resources of our land, create fabrics that last and whose character develops over time, with humble materials, ennobled by the gesture of the hand”

Sandrina Rocha

Interieur design

Un tableau textile, une tenture, une lampe : apportez une touche de déco originale à votre intérieur avec une pièce d'art !


Collaboration Artisanat d’intérieur

Marguerite Porche, céramiste et moi-même avons développé une série de lampes pour la boutique "Atelier Pieds Nus" à St Rémy-de-Provence.

Des lampes uniques, entièrement façonnées à la main. Alliance du grès minéral et de la soie tussah teintes artisanalement.

L'union de nos savoir-faire au service d'un lieu d'exception.

Bouquet immortalized

There are bouquets of flowers that mark a day. The one we have carefully chosen and that we hold feverishly in front of the man to whom we are about to say yes for life.

The one that we are given to celebrate a new year on this earth, the success of a project that was close to our hearts, and many other reasons to celebrate joy and happiness.



Sandrina apporte beaucoup de soin et d'attention à la fabrication de chaque pièce, avec une approche lente, qui permet d’obtenir des pièces uniques, chacune ayant sa propre histoire à raconter.


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