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Natural dye kit

Natural dye kit

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This dye kit is made for those who have always wanted to try natural dye! The so-called “bundle dye” technique is an ideal way to easily get started in the fascinating world of dyeing with plants.

Bundle dye, a technique derived from eco-printing, is the process of creating patterns on fibers using dyes naturally present in plants. The plants and flowers are wrapped in silk then heated with steam. The dye will then be released onto the fabric where it is located, creating unique patterns with subtle colors. Therefore, each piece is a unique and original model.

Each kit comes with the ingredients needed to dye a square of silk and you will even have some left over to continue your explorations.

The color chart will help you decide what color combinations you want to achieve or you can also try a little of each ingredient for the square.

Included in the kit:
- a square of pre-mordanted silk
- a download link to the explanatory booklet.
- a color chart
- 4 elastics
- 6 dyes:
Madder Powder
Delphinium flowers
Eucalyptus leaves
Yellow onion skins
Turmeric powder

Natural dyes have a very different charm and personality to chemical dyes with a much higher and deeper color vibrancy, they are often described as "living colors". This means that some colors may vary or fade slightly over time. It is therefore important to treat them with love and care, keeping them out of the sun when not worn and washing them with cold water and pH neutral soap (such as wool soap and silk). 

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