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Textile painting

Textile painting

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About values:

I think it is essential to create a calming, warm interior. A refuge to recharge your batteries!

Surrounding ourselves with pretty things has a positive influence on our mood and our attitude towards life. Surround yourself with beautiful things so that their presence just makes you happy.

I am passionate about design, high quality fabrics and small scale manufacturing. When you purchase one of my unique pieces, you are receiving a hand-designed item that has been carefully thought out from start to finish. I believe in doing things slowly, with passion, using only noble materials. I believe my pieces can last a lifetime.

It is with this in mind that I design my collections. I am committed to offering you a piece that you will be proud to own thanks to the manner and the state of consciousness with which it was created.

The materials are carefully selected, depending on the atmosphere that I want to convey. The colors are developed with patience and care, always natural, warm, enveloping tones, inspired by nature so rich and generous.

About the art piece:

Inspired by the beaches of the Atlantic coast of Portugal and their fine sand dunes broken down into landscape fragments, it required more than 40 hours of work by hand.

With these soft and delicate shades of shades, this piece will bring a warm and subtle note to your interior. This elegant textile work is ideal for personalizing a living room, bedroom, office, nursery or entrance hall.

Mixture of silks, cottons and linens hand-dyed in my workshop in Lyon and sewn using the appliqué technique.
The finishes and quilting are done by hand. 

Size: 1mx1.5m
- upcycled silks, vintage cottons and linens
- fleece is made of natural bamboo fiber, ecological, respectful of the environment

The back of this piece is vintage white cotton. A hook is provided for you to slide a rod into.

It is a unique model, entirely handmade with care and patience!

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